The Białe, Sumino and Lucieńskie Lakes from a bird's eye view, photo: SGTPG archive

The Gostynin Park includes forest, hills, valleys, lakes, a mountain river on over 50 percent of the area. There are also 6 lakes and a castle with a ghost working full time! The whole area is surprisingly diverse, as for the landscape.

The Gostynin – Włocławek Landscape Park is one of the largest forest complexes of the Masovian Lowland. There are also over 60 lakes, a range of hills and more specifically a post glacial embankment, Oz Gostyniński, Skrwa Lewa – a wild river flowing through green tunnels overgrown with vegetation, sometimes with rapids with the power of mountain streams, wetlands and marshes with animals and plants, that man has interfered so far only to a small extent. You can get an image of an almost virgin area where peace, quiet and close contact with nature is possible by hiking on hiking and biking trails. There is also horseback riding available. On the shores of crystal clear lakes (The Białe Lake on the list of 2021 is among the cleanest lakes in Poland), you can find campsites, and horse riding centers, that make this area one of the best places to relax in the bosom of nature in the northern parts of the Masovian Voivodeship.

The Lucieńskie Lake, fot. SGTPG archive

How to visit the park – nature and educational paths

There are several nature and educational paths created in the Gostyń – Włocławek Landscape Park. Three of them run through Mazovia:

The Lucień path is a 3 km long nature and forest path that starts in the village of Lucień. The route goes around the nearby lake, and there are 7 stops along the way. An interesting fact is that the summer residence of the President of the Republic of Poland is located above the reservoir.

The Łąck path is a 5 km long path that starts at the forest and ecological education center of the Łąck Forest District (4 Lipowa Street). There are 12 stops along the route, where you can learn about the life and cultivation of the forest, the species diversity of trees and the impact of human activity on the ecosystem.

The Lasy Łąckie – Soczewka – Sendeń – Łąck path is a 27 km path intended mainly for motorists and cyclists. Its starting point is the Włocławek Reservoir, at the mouth of the Skrwa Lewa River. There are 8 stops on its route connecting Soczewka lake, alder by Skrwa, Sendeń Duży village, Sendeń lake, Dąbrowa Łącka reserve and Łąckie Duże as well as Górskie lakes.

Brwileńska Island – Gostynin-Włocławek Landscape Park (gray heron, cormorants)

Other attractions

There are many places related to the history and culture of the region in the vicinity of the park. It is worth visiting Nowy Duninów on the Vistula River, where there is a historic manor house and a castle, as well as historic Evangelical – Augsburg cemeteries (Wola Brwileńska, Karolewo, Krzywy Kotek – Mokre Niemieckie). In Łąck, you can see the Fuhrman palace, which was a summer residence of Marshall Rydz-Śmigły and later the headquarters of General Anders.

Gostynin is famous for its castle from the mid 14th century, the construction of which was commissioned by the Duke of Mazovia, Siemowit IV. Currently, the building houses a hotel and a restaurant.

 In Bierzewice, north of Gostynin, there is a Victoria horse riding center. Horseback rides are also offered by selected agritourism centers and the Gai horse farm in Klusek.

Tourists looking for relaxation in the bosom of nature should consider staying at Lake Białe. Guests have at their disposal beaches and campsites. There is also a rich agritourism offer. Kayaks and pedal boats can be rented on site. An interesting alternative is to relax at the Zdworskie Lake. Around the lake there are campsites and holiday resorts located. Families with small children can enjoy a visit to the Koszelówka water park with inflatable trampolines.