Getting up every day at 5 a.m. to report to work in Warsaw at 8 a.m. Then returning home at  8.00 p.m. How long can this last for? There were the questions asked by Ania, who started her career in Warsaw every setting off  in Wólka Dłużewska. One day she decided to change her professional life by 180 degrees – and this is how the Dolina Bobrów Agritourism Farm was created.

Here, Ania also gets up every morning, to pick fresh salads for breakfast for tourists. We visited her in the middle of summer. The crops in the home garden ripen. There are broad beans, lettuce and cucumbers. We have asked our hostess about the possibility to taste local delicacies, and she has invited us to the old cottage, where her grandparents lived, where today is a living open – air museum of local traditions. There she showed us the curd cheese that she prepared the day before during the workshop together with the holidaymakers. In the window of the hut there are clay pots with pickle cucumbers from Ania’s garden. Here it is great! – we said. Mrs Ania replied that it would be great if we still had fresh bread (points out to the large tiled kitchen stove), and butter made on the spot (in a wooden butter dish, that lies in the corner of the hut). And we have realized that the place is a small, culinary paradise in Mazovia.


We have never thought that dumplings could be filled with groats – and pearl barley. Inside, you can also find sauerkraut with groats. The dumplings are called jays and we could make them for the first time during the culinary workshop at the Bobrowa Zagroda. Next we do them several times a year.

Ania and Tomek from Garwolin.

Our kids spent the best vacations here. Peace and quiet, nature and healthy, real food. We would not like to change this holiday for anything.

Mr. and Mrs. Janek from Gliwice.


Ania Michalak carefully cultivates the culture of her grandparents and great – grandparents. In the original wooden house of Mrs. Ania’s ancestors, we can see looms, folk costumes, kitchen and household appliances from years ago. At the Dolina Borbrów farm you can learn about the Kołbiel culture. This region is a place of exceptionally rich folklore: cut – outs,  characteristic fold costumes and wooden architecture typical of this area.



At the intersection of the road in Wólka Dłużewska, you need to enter a dirt road to the east. After about 600 m, on the left and on the ride side of the road, there are the buildings of the Agritourism Farm “Dolina Bobrów”.


The “Dolina Bobrów ” farm is a place where you will not be bored. It has been decorated with attention to the smallest detail. Elements of small architecture, wooden playgrounds or facades painted with flowery patterns create a friendly atmosphere and perfect conditions for relaxation. In the workshops offered, you can bake bread, learn about farming activities, make cheese or make your own cutouts. The farm offers 23 beds, has several atmospheric meeting rooms in stylish wooden buildings. 

Culinary workshops. Traditions of Kołbiel and country cuisine. Baking bread, workshop from A to z, from mild to cheese, making ams (local dumplings), cultivating the land, greengrocer, fermenting cabbage and cucumbers, a joint meal with homemade products by the fire. 

Workshops on Kołbiel folklore: weaving, linen processing, handicraft.

Cutting out the characteristic motifs of Kołbiel cutouts, such as: trees, roosters, hen coats, village babas.

Beaver watching in the vicinity of the Piaseczno and Świder rivers

mushroom picking


horse – drawn carriage rides

integration trips for companies, a room with and area of 60m2 for development

ecological lessons and activities for children and adolescents

green schools, winter camps, summer camps.

Shrovetide at the “Dolina Bobrów” A sleigh ride or a horse -drawn carriage ride. A bonfire or a game by the fireplace.

Necessity to make an appointment and everytime it is worth letting the hosts know the arrival time.

The offer is available all year round.

The agritourism farm operates all year round. The culinary workshops offered may depend on the season. Throughout the year, however, accommodation with meals and workshops is possible.

Boarding options:

For larger groups by appointment. Individual tourists have comfortable kitchenettes at their disposal.

Accommodation options:

Rooms for 1  – 4 people, a tent on request.


Accommodation form PLN 25/ child or PLN 35 / adult 

Participation in educational workshops from PLN 5/ person for larger organized groups.

STYLE: traditional, rustic, ecological, fold

Contact details

05-332 Siennica, Wólka Dłużewska 5
+48 668 831 622
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