Wodna Kraina is a family amusement park in Wilga (Garwolin poviat), which includes a guarded swimming pool for children and adults, a nearly kilometer long sandy beach, a range of entertainments for families with children and a 

fishery. A longer stay in the vicinity of this huge entertainment zone is possible thanks to the camping houses in the Fisherman’s Village. The main part of the Water Land are two water reservoirs. One of the reservoirs is intended for bathing, in which there is a separate shallow part of water games for children (activity in the water is supported by the animator). The second reservoir is used for water sports – the most popular are kayaks and pedal boats available at the marina with floating equipment. Guests have at their disposal a sandy beach with sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as a volleyball court. Lifeguards watch over the safety of the holidaymakers. Children can play no only in the water, but also in the play area with a monkey grove with inflatable toys and on bungee trampolines. This part of the park is decorated with enormous fairy – tale characters, incl. Wodnik Szuwarek or Żwirek and Muchomorek. 

The complex offers Tawerna nad Stawami serving Polish cuisine, including fish from its own farm, smoked on alder wood. There is a large free car park ring next to the premises. 

Admission to the Wodna Kraina Park is payable. An additional cost is the entrance to the children’s play area. Families who would like to spend more time in the Water Land can rent a comfortably furnished cottage in the Fisherman’s Village. Wooden villas with terraces and lake views. 

Parking spaces are available for guests. 

The park is known among anglers. They have several hunting positions at their disposal. Mainly carp, grass carp, crucian carp, pike and catfish live in the waters of Garwolin. All water operates in accordance with the „no kill” principle, ie „catch and release”. Fisheries with a depth of 15 to 3 meters are open from dawn to dusk. 

In the vicinity of Wodna Kraina, you can go for a walk along the natural and cultural path in Huta Garwolińska. The loop is less than 4 kilometers long and it can also be easily overcome by younger children. On the route there are information boards with descriptions of the animals and plants living in the surrounding forests, shelters to protect against heat, sheds for a picnic and a place for a bonfire. Additional attractions are: a rock garden, a health trail, a well with an active crane, as well as two viewpoints and a pier on the pond. At the parking lot, where the path begins, there are also exhibitions of wood samples, across – sections of an anthill, nesting boxes for various species of birds and many other attractions.