Horse Farm in Nowa Wieś


The horse farm in Nowa Wieś began its history 20 years ago, when the two daughters of Aneta Rybaczyk were born. Having small children and living in Warsaw, the family visited Aneta’s village to relax and experience peace and quiet. With time, children were looking forward to their weekend trips and everyone began to seriously think about moving to the countryside. Parents gave Aneta 3 hectares of land, where she and her family began to implement her plans. At first, they built a stable and bought two horses. Watching the relief that the contact with animals brought to their children, they decided to go further – hectare by hectare, they bought more land to enlarge the stud area, and more and more horses. The great interest of visitors from the surrounding area prompted the decision to create “something more”, that is a mini zoo and agritourism farm, that is still operating today. A huge success in the constantly growing number of tourists and awards, granted among others, for the promotion of a healthy and ecological lifestyle. Further plans include the expansion of the stables, launching roofed paddocks for training in bad weather and increasing the number of accommodation places for tourists.


The horse farm enjoys the trust of a very large group of guests, returning every year as they call “homely and and at home”, where they feel at home. The hosts and visitors feast by fire, tasting homemade liqueurs together.

One story is related to a family of four who live in England on a daily basis – parents, a disabled son and a younger daughter. They came to the farm for the first time about 6 years ago with their friends. Since then, they have been spending their holidays here. The little 3-year-old daughter loves horses very much and spread her passion to the whole family. Over the years, everyone has learned to ride perfectly. Even the disabled brother found his place on horseback and liked hippotherapy classes very much – it is his hobby and rehabilitation. The amazing four became so close to the hosts and fell in love with the area that they decided to buy a plot adjacent to the stud and soon they returned to Poland for good.

Another beautiful story related to the place is a love story. Once, young people in love came over here. It was supposed to be a regular, short vacation, aimed at calming down and relaxing. The man informed the hosts that was preparing a surprise for his beloved and asked to prepare the white horse and a dinner with wine. You do not have to guess about the ending of the story. It was a dream engagement! Almost every woman is waiting for a charming prince, who will take her on a white horse on an amazing adventure. This time the fairy tale has become reality. The man rode up on a white horse, adorned with red accessories, a bouquet of roses and a hidden ring. Since then,  the couple has been visiting the stud one each anniversary of their engagement.

photo. Paula Rybarczyk


There are many interesting places related to history and nature in the neighborhood of the stud farm. It is worth seeing the Ossoliński Palace in Sterdyń, built at the end of the 17the century. The Krasiński family lived there until World War II. After the war, there was a school there and then the home of the Polish Composers Union. After that, the building was deserted for a long time. Fortunately, after the renovation carried out by the new owner, the palace has regained its splendor and functions as a hotel, restaurant and  a conference venue.

The Museum of the Great Lithuanian Gościniec in Sokołów Podlaski is an educational, historical and cultural institution that allows you to get to know the heritage of these areas. There you can learn about the history of the trail, towns and the most important people. Interesting multimedia stands present, among others issues, what Podlasie outfit and the cuisine looked like. The figure of the 17th century traveler, Georg Forster, who stopped in the town on  the way to Vilnius, enjoys great interest. 

The Sokołowski Unite Trail begins in Sokołów Podlaski, in the place where the church used to stand. The road leads to the places where other beautiful Unite Churches have been preserved: Rogów, Szkopy, Sawice, Gródek, Seroczyn, Grodzisk. The trip ends at the Sokołów cemetery at the grave of 

Fr. Leon Zatkalik, the last Uniate clergyman. The Minor Basilica of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Węgrów is an extremely valuable monument and the oldest building in the town. The first mention of a wooden church comes from 1414. Inside, there is a unique set of frescoes by Michelangelo Palloni, an amazing 17th century painting “Dance of Death”, and in  the sacristy – the legendary mirror of the famous magician Twardowski.

photo. Paula Rybarczyk


Various events take place at the farm every year. In May, the equestrian season opens with a picnic. It is an event open to everyone. Children can try riding and you can take a cart ride around the area and try home – made food, such as bigos and pea soup for the military field kitchen, or drink juniper beer.

Another event is the ecological picnic “Open Gate” organized in August. On the day,  hosts exhibit organic and traditional products and handicrafts. The program of the event includes rides in a wagon and horse riding, traditional kneading of butter, spinning the cram, as well as bonfire and the opportunity to taste dishes from the military field kitchen.

At the end of September, it is time for Hubertus, a festival of horses and riders. On this day, there are horse shows and competitions – fitness for beginners and for more advanced jumps over obstacles, the contest of miss amazons, where girls present themselves in colorful dresses on horses, and the main attractions of the program fox chasing.

photo. Paula Rybarczyk


The offer includes a riding school, where you can start your adventure in the saddle and improve your skills. In addition to horses, there are also other animals on the farm: donkey, sheep, goats, rabbits, pheasants, chickens, ducks, dogs and cats, that delight the youngest visitors. Children can feed their little ones while their siblings or parents are riding horses. 

The farm offers accommodation in fully equipped Dutch houses with verandas and the campsite. 

There is also a playground for children, a swimming pool, a trampoline and for adults there is a pond, where you can cast a fishing rod. 

In the very center of the farm there is an inn, where events such as first communions, baptisms, birthdays, small weddings and corporate integration are organized. The interior of the inn are often forgotten tools and devices that were formerly used in rural households. An old – style wooden inn and a crackling fireplace create a wonderful atmosphere that guests will eagerly remember.

One-day trips are organized for children from schools and kindergartens, and during summer holidays, day camps are organized with the youngest playing games and other various activities. 

The specialties of the inn are regional dishes, such as blaszka, dumplings, sourdough sour rye soup, bigos, smoked lard and home – made lard. Most of the local products are certified organic. Very often workshops are organized on kneading butter, grinding grain in “żarniak”, separating cream from milk on a centrifuge or pickling cabbage and making dumplings.

The horse farm is located in a picturesque area of over 32 hectares. Thanks to location, you can take advantage of horse trips into fields. These are unforgettable moments when horse riding can be combined with closeness to nature. This is the perfect way to calm down and relax. 

Discounted tickets are available for people who want to systematically learn horse riding. You can also buy a voucher for horse riding lessons, perfect as a gift, a ride in a wagon, a carriage, liqueurs, accommodation or other attractive proposals to be agreed individually.

photo. J.A. Kwiatkowski/MROT archive


The smooth operation of the Horse Farm is supervised by a 3 – person family team – mother Aneta and two daughters, Paula and Klaudia. Each of them has assigned tasks.

Aneta manages the culinary part, organization of the events and accommodation. Paula and Klaudia work with animals. They run horse rides, work with children and deal with marketing in social media. The team combines passion and love for nature. 

Aneta always gives advice in difficult situations, helps others and makes the most difficult decisions. She is an ambitious, optimistic person, always offering good advice and support. 

Klaudia is organized and likes to have everything in order. She always plans classes for the following days well in advance. 

Paula is an energetic and spontaneous girl. She has many ideas, but sometimes lacks motivation to implement them.

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