Concert of Mazowsze Ensemble

The Palace in Karolin, where the world – famous artistic ensemble has started their career, is a magical place with the protective spirits of Tadeusz Sygietyński and Mira Zimińska – Sygietyńska.

The Masovian palace hides many secrets, and while visiting the headquarters of the ensemble, you can listen to amazing stories about the beginnings, travels and concerts of Mazowsze, as well as see wonderful exhibits, gifts from crowned heads and important guests, and souvenirs brought from foreign travels, often from very distant places.

The seat of Mazowsze is not only the palace in Karolin, but also the surrounding 14 – hectare park and a modern auditorium, the Mazowsze Conference Center and the Staropolska Mazowsze Inn.

In the new Mazowsze entertainment hall, life begins to pulsate from early afternoon hours. Every day there are workshops “Roztańczeni z Mazowszem” taking place. Children from 4 years of age can take part in them, practicing folk, ballroom, modern, hip – hop or classical ballet dances. Everything takes place under the watchful eye of educated teachers who are ballet dancers of Mazowsze on a daily basis. The workshops start each year with the new school year and end in June with two-day concerts with children presenting dance routines they learn during the workshops.

Educational activity of the Mazowsze ensemble

In addition to artistic and popularizing activities, education is a very important element in the operation of the Mazowsze ensemble. They are proud of very interesting concerts for children. Probably, it has never happened in  the history of the ensemble that the young audience left the auditorium dissatisfied. Movement, energy, and the blaze of colors on stage during these performances make both children and their teachers always very impressed.

Currently, the Mazowsze ensemble offers two educational concerts for young viewers: “Kraina Marzeń” and “Magiczna Podróż”, and recently they were joined by a performance for slightly older children: “Romanca a la kujawiak”. All the concerts introduce the viewer to the world of folklore and national dances. Young viewers can “travel” through the world of dance and music, learning about Polish national dances – polonaise, mazurka, oberek, kujawiak and krakowiak.

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