Thermal Baths in Mszczonów

Thermal shock after jumping into the water? It will not happen here – water in thermal pools in Mszczonów is 30 to 34 degree Celsius . There is also no question of boredom: when the first desire for playing in the pools is fulfilled, using the jacuzzi and neck hydro massage jets, you can take advantage of many other attractions. Thermal baths in Mszczonów is a good option for a family weekend, or even for a slightly longer holiday stay. And you do not have to go far. Mszczonów is only 45 km from the capitol, on the route from Warsaw to Rawa Mazowiecka.

Healthy and safe

The fresh thermal water with temperature of 32-34 degrees Celsius goes to two Mszczonów pools from a depth of 1602.5 m. The water rich in minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium bicarbonates) can also be used in jacuzzi tubs. If you want to go crazy in water, you can use the outdoor recreational pool with slides and an artificial river. Its accessible depth (maximum 1.40 m) and high water temperature (28-32 degrees Celsius ) make and ideal pool for family games, also for people who cannot swim. Toddlers can soak in the paddling pool with a mini – slide and fountains, and there is a sports swimming pool for enthusiasts of professional swimming.

Mszczonów thermal baths

Tourist attractions in the area

After the first sessions in thermal water, the pains in muscles and joints disappeared and the blood began to circulate faster? Great, it is a good time to use the bike rental (for free!) or grab Nordic walking poles. You can also take your running or hiking shoes and set off to explore the area. It is worth it, because there are several interesting bicycle routes in this area, also attractive for runners and hikers. The beauty of Masovian landscapes can be admired in nature or…. by watching Józef Chełmoński  paintings. In nearby Radziejowice, which can be reached even by walking from the thermal baths, there is a beautiful, historic park and palace complex with the largest permanent painting gallery in Poland by the creator of “Babie lato”. From June 28 to July 6, there are planned concerts of the 11th Summer Festival of Jerzy Waldorf – a great opportunity to listen to, for example, Moniuszko or Tchaikovsky’s pieces in interesting interpretations by young musicians. 

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