Modlin Racing Track

Polish roads are a nice obstacle course and you have to be very careful to drive safely, but sometimes you would like to try something more: test your skills, refine your technique and maybe even…try sports driving? A great place for such attempts is Modlin racing track – a modern center for improving driving techniques located near Warsaw. There is everything you need to train car and motorcycle driving: a cutter, obstacles appearing in front of the car and skid plates for practicing safe driving, and a sports and training track on which you can train all year round, also in winter conditions.

The center, located 36 km from the center of Warsaw, in the immediate vicinity of the Modlin Airport, was created out of love for dynamic, unforgettable driving experience and the desire to influence others. We want to give emotions, but above all to improve safety on our roads – says Rafał Zięba, the President of Modlin Racing Track. Here you can improve your skills, learn how to safely move a car or motorcycle, and practice sports driving.

The ambassador of the center is Leszek Kuzaj, one of the most experienced and successful Polish rally drivers. His vast knowledge can be used on site on special occasions: the four – time Polish rally champion willingly shares it with participants of events taking place in Modlin. 

“I am glad that I can share my experience and skills. It is not possible to convey everything on these visits, but even a few tips have a positive effect on driving. Sometimes I see that someone is making progress from one lap to the next one” – says Leszek Kuzaj. The guests of the center have a modern infrastructure at their disposal: two independent tracks, five training modules with four skid plates, a puller and wet and dry obstacles: a multi functional building with conference and training rooms, a covered stand and seats for 150 people, viewing terraces; large screens, a conference center located in a 19th century ammunition depot.

All training is conducted under supervision of excellent, experienced instructors.

The increasingly wide offer of Modlin Racing Track is for both companies and individuals. The classes include safe driving courses at various levels of advancement, economic and defensive driving training, as well as free sports driving training. They are becoming more and more popular, and exciting driving in safe track conditions is fun for both drivers and spectators who watch them.

Great conditions and a friendly family atmosphere make the events at the Modlin Racing Track, without losing their sportiness, turn into automotive picnics. A part of the prestigious Barbórka Rally, the Classicauto Cup competition, Avalon Extreme Race Day Cup, organized by Toyota Media Cup, as well as training and presentation by Bridgestone have already taken place here. Participants, regardless of whether they were drivers, passengers or observers, were always impressed by what they experienced and saw in Modlin.

Modlin Racing Track in numbers:

  • area of training and conference rooms: 783 m2
  • on the grandstand: 150 seats
  • large screen area: 27m2
  • the longest straight on the sports and training track: 220 m
  • on the sports and training track: 13 technical turns
  • width at the widest point of the sports and training track: 12 m
  • independent training modules: 5
  • length of the largest skid plate: 100 m
  • width of the largest skid plate: 20 m
  • water wall height: 2.5 m
  • width of the skid strip in a circle: 7 m
  • length of the slip ring: 170 m

Contact details

ul. gen. Wiktora Thommée 1B, 05-102 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki
22 346 54 00
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