Osada Młynarza


Living in the countryside can cause jealousy. Beata and Mieszko, the owners of Osada Młynarza Farm often hear from guests that they would also like to enjoy silence, forest and a river kind of “exclusively” as well as other benefits of nature. 

The farm was bought in the 1980s by the parents of Mieszko, the Ogończyk – Mąkowski family, so the present owner spent his childhood and teenage years there. Everyone likes to go back to their carefree childhood years and that is why the couple bought the place after the financial problems of the previous owner. Today the farm is called “Osada Młynarza”. 

They try to make the place retain its individuality and not commercial character and try to make everyone feel special here.

Although the property covers an area of approximately 42 hectares, they do not cultivate the land as the vast majority of the farm is forest. They also do not breed animals, as they only spend part of the year here – weekends and the entire holiday, and the rest of the time they live and work in Płock. They emphasize that the farm is powered by 100% ecological energy from the river. They cultivate a large home garden with all necessary vegetables. Carrots growing there are not of the same length and shape, but they are certainly the most organic!


There is a mill in the register of monuments on the property. It used to be famous for the production of high – quality groats. Currently, after the investment, there is a hydroelectric power plant. Visitors to Osada Młynarza Farm are delighted with the building. It has been completely renovated and the new wooden ceilings fill the whole interior with scent of wood.

Beata and Mieszko treat their regular returning guests and visitors to Osada Młynarza Farm not as customers, but also as friends. It happens that tourists call to ask for a free room and inform them that they will arrive in the middle of the night. The hosts then agree on what room will be prepared and where they leave the key and at what time everyone will meet for breakfast. Thanks to the mutual trust, the owners do not stop at night and guests also feel at home. Some time ago, Osada Młynarza was visited by an elderly woman, who as a child, came here to visit her aunt, then the owner of the property. For her, as an adult now, this place looked completely different. The woman recalled riding in a horse – drawn carriage with her aunt to a church in a nearby village. At that time, the distances between the access road and the manor house seemed very long for her, while the distance in fact is only 200 meters! Where the coach house used to be, there is now a building with a recreation room with sauna and a jacuzzi. The woman also told the story about her aunt and how she had come into possession of this property and why it was sold after her death.

Osada Młynarza Farm is one of the places where animals do enjoy the arrival of guests. Ponies and goats are happy to eat snacks that people bring with them. The goat is able to take a packet of crisps out of children’s hands and share it with their companions. 

photo. J.A. Kwiatkowski/MROT archive


The farm is surrounded on three sides by the Skrwa River, which is like a mountain river as it is a wild river flowing through the Brudzeński Landscape Park. While rafting, you can encounter a lot of fallen trees, which are a natural obstacle for canoeists. However, hardly no one complains and most treat the struggle with nature as an attraction. In places where there are fallen trees, the river is shallow, so despite the effort that sometimes has to be put into crossing, you are safe. All these features of Skrwa are considered its advantages and thanks to this, it was possible to encourage a lot of people to start their adventure with canoeing. The Skrwa can be used by visitors of Płock, located only a 15 -minute drive from the agritourism farm.

An attraction for cyclists visiting Radotki will certainly be the surrounding forests and their many kilometers of cycling trails. There are also forest paths for runners, and the most physically fit and crossfit training place – an obstacle course with Ninja Games competitions. 

However, not only sports lovers will find something for themselves. There are fish ponds where you can catch carp, silver carp, grass carp, catfish and crucian carp.

photo. J.A. Kwiatkowski/MROT archive


The mill located at Osada Młynarza Farm dates back to the second half of  the 19th century and was built on the side of an old mill that burned down in the 1830s. Apart from the mill, the settlement included farm buildings and the miller’s house. The whole property was owned by a Jew from Płock, Jachme. Then, Stanisław Górnicki, a well – known banker from Płock, became the owner of the entire area, and over time he gave the property to his friend, Ms Kucharska. After  Górnicki death and the court dispute over the property, the mill was bought by the miller Konieczkowski, and in 1982 Małgorzata nad Leszek Ogończyk – Mąkowski became the new owners.

Several dozen meters from the mill, next to the concrete bridge, there was another single – storey wooden mill, that dates back to the end of the 19th century and functioned until the late 1940s. Unfortunately, only tiny weirs and piles that used to support the mill wheel have survived to this day. It is probably this building that the filming of Tadeusz Dołęga – Mostowicz novel “Profesor Wilczur” was organized.

photo. J.A. Kwiatkowski/MROT archive


When visiting Osada Młynarza Farm, it is worth visiting the nearby open-air museum in Sierpc or the festival of Dying Professions in Brudzeń, that takes place every year in September. Both these places refer to agritourism, ecology and nature in terms of their climate and themes.

Every year in Płock, the Audioriver electronic music festival is held in July, attended by tens of thousands of people from all over the world. Some of them visit Osada Młynarza Farm. On one hand, the festival is loud and vibrant with music, and on the other – silence, nature and relaxations offered locally.

In summer, cyclical events in Płock are also the Festival of Single – Voice Music, the Polish Hip Hop Festival and Reggelegend, and when visiting the city, you must definitely visit the Tumskie Hill, the cathedral, and Mariavite Church and the zoo.

photo. Paweł Krupa


“Osada Młynarza ” is an agritourism farm located in the bend of Skrwa River. It is the perfect place for those seeking peace and quiet. Time flows differently here. Away from the hustle and bustle, without wifi and TV, you can completely cut off from the outside world to immerse yourself in nature, play sports, relax in sauna, stay in a jacuzzi or use the swimming pool. 

There are 3 apartments, the largest in the climate of a hunter’s room, can accommodate up to 6 people. In winter, you can heat up the room by the fireplace and you have to light the fire yourself. At special request of our guests, relaxing or therapeutic treatments are available in the recreation room with sauna and jacuzzi.

Each of the apartments offers a bathroom with a shower cabin. The price of a stay outside the relaxation zone includes breakfast prepared from own products: eggs from “happy chanterelles”, vegetables from the organic garden, supplemented with homemade preserves and cold cuts from the local butcher’s shop. In summer, you can swim in the pool or take advantage of the canoeing offer. Additional attractions include the swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi. The place also offers kayaking on the Skrwa on various routes: from 1.5 hours to 8 hours. After the rafting trip, it is possible to organize a bonfire with sausages or barbecue.

Extreme sports enthusiasts can take part in Adrenaline Rush runs, which are held regularly 3 times a year. There are two routes, 5 and 10 kilometers long, with a different number of obstacles. For those who are “driven” only by obstacles, there is a 200 – meter obstacle course on the island that is used only during the competition. The track is available almost all year round for a small fee for everyone willing to train. 

From the beginning of its operation, the hosts invited children to day camps every summer. The stays last five days from Monday to Friday in the summer season. Children gather in the morning at the theater and come to Radostka by a rented coach. They can run, play with their peers, swim and struggle on selected obstacles in the Adrenaline Rush run. The offer also includes rental of space for weddings. There is a beautiful barn with an area of 400 square meters. In addition, there are many charming places on the property, where you can also organize a wedding ceremony.

photo. J.A. Kwiatkowski/MROT archive


Beata and Mieszko Ogończyk – Mąkowscy are a couple with a long married life. The agritourism farm Osada Młynarza in Radotki is run by them and their three children: Filip, Oliwia and Antonina. Due to the fact that the season of this activity is during holidays, they can actively support parents, but the host can also use the help of neighbors. 

They are both economists and sometimes they see the farm as a company that must function in such a way as to satisfy customers and generate profits at the same time. However, they try not to succumb to the temptation of commercialism and create a friendly, family atmosphere for their guests. The most important thing is that it should be a place where everyone come back to their family home or to their long – lasting friends.

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