Przystań Zdrowia Agritourism Farm


Szkwa is a place where the parents of Stanisław, the owner of Przystań Zdrowia Farm, lived and worked. Stanisław was born and spent his childhood here. Then he was studying and he started his own family and had no intention of getting rid of the inherited farm, because of  its environment and climatic values. He treated the facility as a place for relaxing with children and  families living in the vicinity of Warsaw, as well as inviting friends and acquaintances. After some time, the house and the surrounding area were adapted to the needs of more and more frequent tourists. The farm slowly began to be transformed into an agritourism farm. Developing this agritourism place is a hobby of Stanisław now, but he works in a heath service at the same time. It was his profession that inspired him to create the facility specializing in health oriented camps aimed at improving the psychophysical condition. The advantage of the place is the location in forests and near the river. Stanisław claims that the challenge now is to finalize his projects and implement them for the benefit of health-conscious guests. The greatest success of them is the appreciation of the natural beauty of Kurpie  – the region that has not been over commercialized yet.


As guests say – it is really hard to forget about a place touching hearts with its simple, natural beauty…. Visitors feel good in this magical place. They say that the painted fence, flowers beds and plant rockery, in a full range of colors, immediately soothe their stress, and the rustling forest encourages unhurried walking. It is an ideal place for people tired of the pace of a big city, who wish to run away from stressful situations, and want to regenerate their mind and calm down their thoughts. This is favored by birds singing  at sunrise and frog concerts, especially at the advent of sunset. Hour by hour, the sounds of nature diminish until there is complete silence.

Once there was a family here with a child returning from a kayak trip. While the parents were unpacking the canoe, the child ran after a dragonfly and fell into a nearby pond. Seeing this, Stanisław went to help the toddler and jumped into water that was not even noticed by the parents. Only after a while the parents noticed the dangerous event and rushed to help the child. The rescued one was looking pleased with the situation, and the parents even seemed amused. Could it be the influence of the calming place? i

It is not common to see wild animals from such a short distance. However, it is possible in  the local forest. The sight of a deer, wild boar, fox or hare, not to mention numerous slow worms and lizards, is an everyday reality in Szkwa. It is a great experience for guests to meet the majestic, though somewhat clumsy mister elk! It is an amazing situation. Those who experienced it, report that they were overwhelmed with fear and terror in one second, but at the same time there was a great curiosity and desire to look at this huge animal as long as possible. They desired that the heart begins to beat faster, because suddenly something larger, unpredictable, wild and definitely stronger appears in the forest…. making people unable to take their eyes off. It is really worth coming here for such emotions!

photo. Kamil Nurczyk


In the past, many troops marched through the areas of the Kurpiewski, Szkwa, Płoszyce – the Swedes, Napoleonic, German and Russian armies. Findings in the form of uniforms and personal belongings of fallen soldiers are the evidence. The Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments issued a decision authorizing searches to be carried out in this area for selected groups. One of such plots, rich in wartime findings, is located in the area of the Przystań Zdrowia Farm.

Until World War II there was a dam with a bridge and a mill on the Szkwa River, near Przystań Zdrowia Farm, that were completely destroyed by the “liberation troops” of the Russians, only because the owner was German. The dam was rebuilt only in the 1960s.

The scouts who organized holiday camps in a nearby forest in the 1970s caused some kind of cultural and moral shock. The “natives” were most eager to watch their behavior and little girls dressed in short dresses. Many people came to the bonfires organized by scouts.

The pride of Przystań Zdrowia Farm is a “retired” racing mare with the graceful name “Cena”, brought from Pomerania over seven years ago after having started in many renowned horse races. 

photo. J.A. Kwiatkowski/MROT archive


You can attend many interesting events presenting colorful Kurpie, that take place practically all year round. There are:

  • in January in Lelis – traditional feather tearing
  • in March in Kadzidło  – in the footsteps of Kurpie, and event during that you can watch a ritual spectacle show of local handicrafts and meet the folk artist
  • in April, usually in the first Sunday after Easter – the Kurpie Artistic Presentations at the Cultural Center in Ostrołęka
  • on Palm Sunday in Łyse – ritual art competition “Palma Kurpiowska” – a colorful procession with palm trees passing around the historic wooden church, and the permanent elements of the festival include a competition for the most beautiful palm tree, exhibitions, performances by regional bands and a folk fair
  • in May in Myszyniec – the Kurpie Fair with traditional local products
  • in June in Czarnia – “Na Łowy” folklore event with traditional cuisine, presentation of dying professions and ethnographic workshops, and the famous Kurpie Wedding in Kadzidło on the 3rd Sunday of June
  • in July in Zawady – the Kurpie folklore festival, the program includes workshops, team – building meetings and dance competitions
  • in August in Wykrot – one of the biggest folklore events in Kurpie, The Miodobranie Kurpiowskie with ritual shows, presentations of folk groups and agritourism farms, a folk art fair, sports, shooting and fishing competitions, exhibitions of beekeeping equipment, fold handicrafts, trade stands with regional read, honey and Kurpie food, demonstration and workshops of folk handicrafts;
  • in September in Kadzidło – the Kadzidło Sunday – a fair of folk art
  • in October in Lelis – the Kurpie Granie  – or the Regional Review of Folk Harmonists and Violinists
photo. J.A. Kwiatkowski/MROT archive


The place offers accommodation and 24-hour meals with organic products from the garden.  Regional dishes are prepared with vegetables and fruit, that are the culinary heritage of the region. They are prepared using traditional methods and have a unique taste. The local cuisine is  a big advantage of the Przystań Zdrowia Farm.

The accommodation base is 14 places and an old house for rent. The farm also includes a sauna, exercise room and gazebos by the pond with barbecue facilities. The farm also offers full audio – visual equipment for training. You can organize special events and integration meetings here. An innovative proposition is relaxation organized as a part of “fitness and health” stays and weekend meetings. Guests have time filled with varied activities, such as: training, workshops, gymnastics, health – related lectures, walks, yoga classes, fitness, etc. Participants benefit from medical supervision and daily blood pressure monitoring. Further conditioning and health programs are planned to meet the needs of seniors. Activities such as relaxing by the pond and river, grilling under the gazebo, boating and fishing help to achieve mental comfort: in addition, guests can use bicycles and canoe rental, beach volleyball court, table tennis and outdoor chess at their disposal. Walks, jogging, and bike rides improve the overall body condition and allow you to burn unnecessary calories. For families coming with children, a nice addition is the playground. The offer is available all year round.

photo. J.A. Kwiatkowski/MROT archive


Stanisław was working as a doctor in the military health service for over 20 years. Working in the army strengthened his love of order and he held required physical fitness. Hence, he adheres to the principle that a healthy body has a healthy mind, and exercises systematically. He leads a very active lifestyle: he rides horses and bicycles, goes kayaking and runs in the woods. As for a person of nominal retirement age, he has excellent  efficiency and vitality and many younger men could envy him. By showing his positive attitude, he tries to convince his guests to lead an active and healthy life.

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