Zaczarowane Miejsce - Magic Place

If you are really looking for contact with nature and a journey into yourself, you should visit the “Zaczarowane Miejsce”. We got here without knowing what to expect and we discovered an extremely interesting person who lives surrounded by nature and in harmony with nature. The place is full of good energy and harmony. The attention to detail in recreating the realities of Slavic existence in the forest is impressive, Mrs Ania makes sure that her “Zaczarowane Miejsce ” enchants tourists well. It is worth taking a simple test before your arrival: Can I go three days without shopping? Do you like walking barefoot on the grass? Would you like to drink milk straight from the goat? Do you want to get to know the forest and all its inhabitants? If you answer yes to all the questions, you are the dream quest of “Zaczarowane Miejsce”.

A visit to the “Zaczarowane Miejsce ” is the best lesson in knowledge about what people’s lives in the past looked like in harmony with nature and its laws. During the visit to Mrs. Anna, you can see how Kochin hens live in a forest   resembling a hut (the so-called Budnik style hen house). They are the source of exceptionally tasty eggs that can be the basis of breakfast on site. A goat that grazes between forest trees also looks peculiar. It produces extremely tasty mild, from that the hostess als makes cheese. The menu of the “Zaczarowane Miejsce ” is complemented by vegetables and herbs grown in the beds, as well as the fruits of the forest, full of berries, mushrooms and wild herbs dried by the hostess.

Once a month, they hold “Full Shelters” at the “Zaczarowane Miejsce”. It is a kind of Slavic ritual using the “mystical Slavic bath”. A man warms up in a hut under the influence of heated stones, and then cools down in Rawka river. When deciding to  stay at the Magic Place during summer, it is worth asking about the Night Butterfly Theater.  At night, a whote sheet is out on the display, which is then illuminated. All nocturnal insects descend into the light and fly in front of this cloth, and a specialist entomologist tells about all species that will be attracted that night.


Mazovia is a place where the history of settlement goes back many centuries. At the Magic Place, you can learn about the history of the builders, i.e. pioneering settlers from the local forests: Wiskicka, Bolimowska and Jaktorowska. You can also get acquainted with the way of the early Slavic inhabitants of Mazovia in a specially reconstructed Rodzian settlement. The Magic Place is located on the border of the Masovian Voivodeship at the Bolimów Landscape Park on the bank of Rawka river. It is a recreational and educational farm run by Anna Litiwn. The rich program of classes and workshops is certified by the nationwide network of Educational Farm. The farm is located in the forest behind the village of Bartinki. To get here, you need to leave Bartniki towards the west and follow a forest, gravel road for about 3 km. The farm is located in the forest on the left side of the road.


An individual offer for tourists looking for and aware of their needs, as well as for organized groups, including schools and pre – school groups. A special offer for people aged 50+.


The specialty of the Magic Place is time travel. During the visit, you can participate in one of the programs that are based on local traditions, history and legends relating to this early Slavic times, related to, among others, with the alleged cult of the god Rod/Rhoda and Budnik past of the Bilimów Forest. These programs are carried out in two separate spaces, i.e. in Zagroda Budnika, where the reality of everyday life in the Bolimów Forest in the 15the century are shown, as well as in the Rodzian settlement, a reconstruction of an early Slavic settlement from the 10th century AD. In both spaces, you can participate in workshops on these historical eras. Their course should be agreed individually with the owner. I can include elements of material culture as well as cooking. 

In summer, it is possible to swim in the Rawka river, as well as educational and practical activities, such as building a shelter, making hay toys and making a clay container. In autumn, mushroom picking with an outbreak and in winter, cross – country skiing and sleigh rides. Nordic walking and walking are possible all year round.

Nordic walking classes

Nordic walking is possible in the vicinity of the “Zaczarowane Miejsce”. The hostess holds a Nordic walking instructor’s license and conducts classes in kinesiology and prevention (prophylaxis with movement for people aged 50 +).


In order to earth original Budnik dishes during your stay, you need to ask the hostess. There are simple dishes based on herbs and fruit of the forest. 


The best idea for accommodation is your own tent, that can be pitched in the fenced area of the “Zaczarowane Miejsce”. You can also, upon agreement, use one of the 6 beds in the hostess’s house. 


PLN 35/4 h per person workshops with bonfire, refreshments for groups of school and preschool children and adults (especially age 50+)

PLN 20 / 2 h of Nordic walking training (group of 10 people at least)

Each time you should agree to your arrival with the owner.

The offer is available all year round.


ecological, referring to the traditions of old Slavs and Budniks

Contact details

Bartniki, Łąkowa 19, 96-332 Radziwiłłów
+48 500 258 083