The Invisible Exhibition is not 100% invisible, so you cannot only tell about it, but also show a few photos. However, the most important part of the exhibition is truly invisible, and the experience of visiting it are recorded with all senses, except for the one that dominates sighted people. That it is really a dominant sense and how helpless we are when we are unexpectedly deprived of it, allows us to see for ourselves the Invisible Exhibition.

Guides in the mysterious land devoid of light are blind and visually impaired people. Thanks to them, the experience of dealing with reality with senses of hearing, touch and smell becomes an extraordinary adventure. “Interesting? Weird? Alien? Or maybe natural? Can the hour of being blind open your eyes?” – the organizers of this extraordinary exhibition ask rhetorically. You have to check it personally. Before entering the completely darkened room, you can see the  “visible” part of the exhibition. It tells, inter alia, on the history of the development of education, including the alphabet, books and teaching aids for the visually impaired.

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