Julinek near Warsaw is a unique place not only on the map of Mazovia and Poland, but also on the global scale. It is a former circus base where more than twenty circus teams used to be stationed. Today it is a unique amusement park drawing on its extraordinary history, and building a new tradition of modern circus based on human skills and talents. Each holiday weekend you can watch the performances of young acrobats and jugglers in the year – round arena, take part in a field game, watch theater performances, and between these attractions have fun in one of the largest rope parks in Poland. It is also possible to try jumping in the Bouncy Land. And all this you can enjoy in the heart of the Kampinos National Park.

Miraculous salvation

The unique Circus Base in Julinek was established almost 70 years ago. The center has become a training and veterinary center for circus teams operating all over Poland, as well as a year- round base of short stops and wintering. The base was primarily a training place for artists and a center for perfecting circus art. The State School of Circus Art was founded here and still operates with students performing in one of the two year – round arenas. Julinek was a center of circus art and entertainment of world importance. The circus managers used to come here from all over the world to watch training and performances of Polish artists, who were also invited later to the arenas of all continents. After the change of the political system, the former base resembled a ghost town and the buildings started looking terrible and scary. Fortunately, five years ago thanks to an agreement signed, a new institution was established and it is called Julinek Amusement Park. The buildings were successively renovated and some of them changed their functionality (for example, former animal cages are today a restaurant part of the center). We have managed to save a fragment of the cultural heritage that today serves future generations, especially the youngest, because most of Julinek’s attractions have been planned for children.

Amusement Park, playgrounds and living museum

The Amusement Park in Julinek is located just 30 km from Warsaw, in the buffer zone of the Kampinos National Park, which is ideal for relaxation, and also easily and quickly accessible. It took over the entire area of the former Circus Base, including the technical facilities. This is why it is the only place in Poland full of references to the world of the circus, its culture, symbolism, art and customs. In Julinek, you can find a unique combination of recreation in the bosom of nature with entertainment and education. No wonder that over 500 000 guests used the Park’s offer in the first three seasons!

Attractions of Julinek

The Sky Circus is one of the most extensive in the country and the largest rope park in Mazovia. It is 1240 meters long and divided into 9 routes of various difficulty levels. Two of them are intended for children, three are available even for 4-year olds. There are 150 obstacles to overcome on the route. The entire facility meets the stringent safety regulations and provides great fun for both beginners on sky walks and experienced enthusiasts of strong adventures.

The Climbing wall is a great adventure, during which you cannot only learn the basics of this unique sport, but also spend your time in an interesting way. There are four colorful, themed panels, each with safe continuous belaying offered. Each panel is 7.5 meters. You can feel like a bee in the hive, walk the pyramid, reach the sky by flying a kite or go on a safari if you prefer. The panels are adapted to different levels of advancement. Everyone from the age of 4 will experience a climbing adventure!

Circus Mini golf

You can also attend a mini golf course here. There is a 18 holes course to play in over 1000 square metres. No course in Mazovia and all over Poland has a circus character and none of them is faced with clowns and wild animals kind of protecting access to golf holes.

Circus Animation Zone Playground

In the high season from May to October, special service of animators entertain guests, teaching the art of walking on stilts and juggling.  After all, you are in the most circus-like place in Poland! Children can also spend time at the playground (sandboxes, swings, zip-line) built of acacia wood.

Circus Art Exhibition

This is an absolutely unique attraction in the country! There is a real museum in the building of the Small Area with posters (the collection includes over a thousands circus posters, also by the most outstanding Polish artists), photos and authentic props documenting the history of the Polish circus from the 19th century to the present day. You can also find documents showing the development of circus art in many countries around the world, including the Soviet circus, which employed 80 000 artists at its peak. However, no other European country has the circus environment with such a large and statistically significant base as the one that existed 40 years in Julinek. The exhibition has several thousand exhibits. It is the largest circus collection in Poland and one of the most significant in the world.


There is also a funfair located close to the mini golf course. Here you can find a roller coaster, a motorway and merry-go-rounds for the youngest and the little older ones. If you are eager for experience, we invite children to carousel, elephant carousel, autodrom, tornado roller coaster. Thanks for the available open pass, you can use the services at your will!

Circus and theater performances

When children come to the Big Arena, they have a unique opportunity to suspend the surrounding reality and enter a fake world, where everything is possible. In the magical world of the Big Arena, you can travel to the world of the circus, where artists create an unforgettable storyline. The circus performers play the role of superheroes, pirates and even mechanics. The Arena also hosts theater groups, a bubble show and concerts. Stories, colorful sets and moving music makes young viewers feel the magic of art. Meetings, workshops with artists and exhibitions complement the repertoire.

Tourist base

The former circus base is today an excellent starting point for enthusiasts of active tourism. Julinek is located in the buffer zone of the Kampinos National Park, so it is an ideal starting point for walks and excursions in the area. The additional advantage is large, convenient and free parking. Guests can use approximately 360km of hiking trails and 200 km of bicycle routes. The entire route is available all year round. The main trail runs around the Kampinos Forest, forming a loop of 145 km long. The Amusement Park also offers a special track of racing with ecological electric cars such as jeep, quad and buggy. There is also a bicycle and sports equipment for rental: Nordic walking poles, and in winter also cross – country skis. There is a self – service bike repair shop near the center, that allows you to make minor repairs. Julinek also offers well-kept football, volleyball and badminton fields. All are free of charge.

Coming to Julinek is a great idea not only for a one-day trip. You can stay here longer at the B&B Julinek Park accommodation facility or at the camping site. The recently renovated building with circus decorations offers 140 comfortable beds and provides full board. The nearby camping site has full access to the hotel infrastructure.

The Amusement Park is also equipped with a catering base. The restaurant in the building of the Small Arena offers Italian cuisine, and in the outdoor dining area located in the vicinity of the main attractions, you can order Polish dishes and grilled ones. Delicious sweets are also waiting for gourmands. Mexican dishes, available to the Park’s guests in the Burrito Papas food truck, are also very popular.

The Julinek Amusement Park was among the five best tourist products of the Masovian Voivodeship in 2016. The place has also received the recognition of the Masovian Regional Tourist Organization Chapter and the certificate of „The Best Tourists Product of the Masovian Voivodeship”, that was also awarded to the Singer Warsaw Jewish Festival, Illusion Farm, Gąsiorowo Mill and the International Tastes Tournament at the Castle in Liw.

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