Mała Wieś shows a delightful landscape with pond and boats, French garden, romantic park, larch reserve, meadows and one of the oldest orchards in Poland. Here you can find all in one place. Fantastic fauna and unique flora accompany the walks in the 30 hectares of garden surroundings the Palace.

Interesting stories

Built in 1786 by Bazyli Walicki, the Palace is an extraordinary monument of the Polish culture. Unique polychrome, most of them originally preserved, are breathtaking examples of the great Polish painting. From the entrance of and the vestibule, where you can see the sculpture of the Greek philosopher Diogenes, you can enjoy a journey in time. There are two amazing chambers that are the most interesting: Warsaw Hall with a panorama of Warsaw from the 18th century and Pompeian Hall with grotesque frescoes.

Masovian stories

Until recently, the vicinity of Grójec could only be associated with fruit and the orchard region by the general public. For some time now, the region can boast a refreshed attraction that has been open to tourists last year. The Palace in Mała Wieś is an unusual monument from the 18th century, a pearl of the Polish classicism, and is currently the center of the holiday complex including hotel, restaurant, auditorium, sports facilities and gardens.

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