Warsaw ZOO, photo. Capital City of Warsaw

The youngest guests love this place. In the Warsaw Zoo, you can see 12 000 animals, including the charming “chimpanzee” Arnold, the chimpanzee Lucy, who loves to imitate humans, the rhinoceros Kuba, and Hugo and Pelagia – Nile hippos. In the Fairy Tale Zoo, you can even pet and feed ponies, donkeys, goats and rabbits, of course under the care of a zoo employee.

In 1928, when the zoo started its operation, it was established by 500 specimens of animals. Today, in the zoo located in Warsaw’s Praga district, you can admire 500 species of creatures inhabiting our planet.

Inhabitants of the Warsaw Zoo

A visit to the Warsaw Zoo is an opportunity to relax outdoors, and at the same time a chance to meet exotic animals. The tour include, among other, a pavilion with gorillas and chimpanzees, an elephant house with four African elephants, and aviary for jaguars, a giraffe house, and enclosure with kangaroos, ostriches and cassowaries, a pavilion for scorpions and tarantulas, a herpetarium for crocodiles and snakes, and an aviary. A visit is not complete without seeing a collection of saltwater and freshwater fish in a multicolored aquarium.

Individual inhabitants are also a magnet attracting people to the zoo. Some of the most famous of them are Tina and Chapp – Pampas maned wolves, Azizi – gorilla with silver – gray fur, Cuba rhinoceros, Nile hippos Hugo and Pelagia, and Lucy with chimpanzees who love to imitate people. A favorite – especially ofthe kids -is also very shy and timid “goshoyle” Arnold, a representative of the endangered species of Javan dogfish. In the zoo, you can also visit brown bears. “Teddy bears’ ‘, which for years have posed for photos from the side of Praski Park, became a showcase of Praga.

Attractions for children

The Zoo has many attractions dedicated only to the youngest. Among them there is an ecological path of the sensen, a path to test physical fitness, a modern playground with equipment for children of all ages and a mini basketball court. The Fairy Tale Zoo is also unique – a place where, under the care of a garden worker, you can stroke and feed ponies, donkeys, goats and rabbits. In the zoo, children can ride colorful prams steered by their parents (borrowing them is free). In the summer season, you can also go for a ride around the zoo in colorful choo.

Animal feeding demonstrations are held at fixed times every day, on weekends at 10 am walks begin, during which you can learn the secrets of the animal world under the care of volunteers. The collection takes place at the main entrance from Ratuszowa Street, and a valid zoo ticket entitles you to participate in a group tour.

During the year, the zoo organizes many special events, including the zoo birthday, Children’s Day, field games and the collection of hazelnuts and acorns for the animals.

“Dom pod Zwariowaną Gwiazdą”

An attraction of the garden is the Żabiński Villa, also known as the “Dom pod zwariowaną Gwiazdą”. The director of the garden, Jan Żabiński and his wife Antonina lived there. DuringWorld War II, the couple hid in their home hundreds of Jews who managed to escape from the ghetto. In the villa, you can see many exhibits related to the Żabiński family, and in the basement of the house there is a multimedia exhibition. The date of the visit should be arranged by phone (tel. 603 059 758) or by email: Without reservation, it is possible to visit the house on the first Sunday of the month at 11.00 and 13.00, but groups can be up to 25 people at one time. Visiting is PLN 5 per person.

Warsaw ZOO. photo. Capital City of Warsaw

Sightseeing information

You can get to the zoo from Ratuszowa Street and the Gdański Bridge, and in the summer season also from Jagiellońska Street. Detailed information on opening hours, ticket prices and special events is available at

At the Customer Service Point (POK) at the Town Hall, there are guides, books, calendars and other souvenirs related to the history and inhabitants of the zoo.

When you get hungry, you can go to a restaurant with a view of rhinoceros and elephants. In addition, in the summer season, there are several eateries in the garden with snacks, desserts and drinks.

How to get to the zoo: 

Access to the zoo is possible by public transport (Dworzec Wileński metro station, tram and bus stops: Park Praski, Ratuszowa Zoo or Wybrzeże Helskie) or by car.


At the northern entrance to the zoo (from the side of the Gdańskie Bridge) there is a car park, including parking spaces for coaches. With a ticket to the zoo, parking in Galeria Wileńska at 72 Targowa is free of charge when leaving the shopping center, the zoo ticket must be presented at the care park office (located on level -1). A walk from the Gallery to the Warsaw Zoo takes approx. 10 minutes. Paid parking spaces are located on the corner of Wybrzeże Helskie and Ratuszowa Streets as well as al. Solidarności, at the “Rusałka” milk bar.

Veturilo stations

The nearest Veturilo stations are: at Plac Hallera (Jagiellońska Street), at the Starzyńskiego roundabout, the Gdański Bridge (Wybrzeże Helskie) and at the Praga Cathedral (Floriańska Street). There is also a self – service Veturilo bike rental for children from the side of Park Praski.