It wriggles all the time – once to the right, once to the left, sometimes turns back to make a sharp turn a few hundred meters away, and even joins the Węgierka in a whole loop. It looks as a cutout or a folk braid. Orzyc – a river as picturesque as the region it flows through – Kurpie. 


Orzyc, the right tributary of the Narew, is a beautiful, wild lowland river, regulated in its upper part and accessible even to beginners canoeists. From Chorzele (92km) the trail is easy, uncrowded and marked. Orzyc strongly meanders, has varied shores: overgrown with rushes or sandy, sometimes there are also high slopes (up to 15 m – from Podoś to Łęg). In long, straight sections, it has low banks and flows calmly among marshy meadows, fields and trees. Below Kranosielec, the valley narrows and its shores are often wooded. There is a hydroelectric power plant in Smrock (portage), below the village in the current you have to watch out for trees fallen by beavers, there are also rapids. Behind Szelków, the river is shadowed by trees. The water is rich in fish and vegetation. You can find good camping spots on the shores. 


It flows into the North Masovian Lowland from the marshes near Wzniesienia Mławskie, 9

east of Mława. It flows through the Kurpiowska Plain and the Ciechanowska Upland, incl. Chorzele, Jednorożec, Krasnosielc and Maków Mazowiecki, and into Narew in the village of Kalinowo. 

Where to start kayaking trips 


Maków Mazowiecki – Smrock – Bobrowa Dwór, 

Ciepielewo – Smrock – Bobrowy Dwór, 

Smrock – Bobrowy Dwór – Magnuszew – Przeradowo, 

Krasnosilec – Podoś – Łęg 

3-4 days: 

Chorzele – Przeradowo

Worth seeing during kayaking trips 

Maków Mazowiecki – the Gothic parish church of Corpus Christi 

Łyse – the center of Kurpie folk art 

Kayaking Trips’ Organizers 

Association for the Development of Tourism and Recreation –