We live in the middle of the forest! Because the forester’s lodge Paryż by Anna and Arkadiusz Oliszewski, like every forester’s lodge, is located among the trees. We recommend it to every city dweller – cleaning is guaranteed. Mrs Ania – the hostess, took care of our palates. Its specialties are dried sirloin, which was given to the Marshal’s Laurel, Polish goose in a bathrobe and venison pate with plums and nuts, which was on the list of Culinary Heritage. It sounds good and tastes even better. With Mr. Arkadiusz – the host and the local forester, we learned the secrets of the forest, and during the workshops we prepared pads, pancakes and baked bread. The idyll was completed with goats, rabbits and chickens running around the farm.

Interesting stories: 

A walk in the forest with the Forestry Arek was a pleasure. Huge knowledge, commitment and numerous natural curiosities. 

Marek from Radom 

Morning in the middle of the forest is something you will remember all your life. The smell and the silence. Ania’s great products, especially the yeast dough and dumplings. Children are happy, we are refreshed! 

Weronika with her family 


Maintaining the tradition of Masovian villages and regional cuisine 



From Warsaw, take road no 7 to Płońsk, then road no 50 to Sochociń. In Sochocin we head towards Kondrajec and the village of Rzy. When in Rzy the first dirt road on the left leads to the forester’s lodge. 

Basic offer: 

Culinary workshops for children 

Culinary workshops: baking bread, cakes, Mazovian pagai, pancakes, yeast rolls, cakes, making dumplings, preparing meat, pickling cabbage. Nature workshops: forest image, forest knowledge, mushroom picking, contact with forest 

Art workshops for children – preparing decorations based on resources from local forests. 

Organized groups and green schools – maximum 20 people at the same time sleigh ride in winter 

bicycles, fishing 

organizing a bonfire, grill 

playground for children, playground and equipment for sports activities and games organization of excursions in the area, picnics 

possibility of using a computer 

Necessity to make an appointment. 

Each time you should agree your arrival with the owners. 

The offer is available all year round. 

Boarding options: 

Full board, traditional food based, among others on own products: Masovian Pagas, sour rye soup in bread, jams, preserves, homemade cakes. Dried sirloin (Marszałek’s Laurel), venison paste with plums and nuts (Culinary Heritage), Polish goose in a bathrobe (in bread daught). 

Accommodation options: 

Two independent family flats with bathroom and kitchen. Possibility to pitch a tent. 

Prices for example: 

Accommodation with full board: PLN 120 / person 

Specialty in the menu: dried sirloin, Polish goose in a bathrobe, venison pate with plums and nuts 

 Vineyard of the Wieczorek Family 

Going to Borek in the Kozienicki powiat, we did not think that we would try a wine tere, the taste of which encourages further tasting and remains in your memory for a long time. The love of wine by two people, Aleksandra and Paweł Wieczorek, bore incredible fruit. We tasted Masovian wine for the first time in the Wieczorki Vineyard and it turned out to be great. Mr Paweł told us about the methods of vinification (wine production) and showed us an antique and modern wine press. We visited a vine field together. And it would not be anything special if we were in one of the regions of France, but it is, after all, the center of Mazovia. We thought that perhaps it was the charm of the hosts that influenced our tasting experience, so we bought a few bottles for later tasting. After opening them, we found that the taste defends itself. So look for the taste of Masovian wine – it is worth it. 

“Masovian Ties” 

Grapevines in Mazovia have been cultivated for centuries, and good quality wines have also been produced here for centuries. The white wines were especially delicious. Such were also produced by the Benedictines in the monastery, which is located in the Abbey near our vineyard. Hard-working monks came to Mazovia from France. Perhaps it was the French knowledge of wines that bore such good fruit in these lands. 


Getting to know the last of wine when the procedure tells about it and when it happens in the vicinity of this vineyard has a completely different dimension. 

Maurycy from Podkowa Leśna 

Since we got to know the Wieczorek family and their vineyards, we started to look at the wine selection in a completely different way. Now the wines from the New World seem less interesting to us than those from Mazovia. 

Joanna and Kamil from Warsaw 


The place itself, location, 


Unfortunately, the place where the wine is produced is located a kilometer from the field where it is grown. 


Wieczorków Vineyard is located in Borek. However, you should call the host before going to the vineyard because Borek is divided into three parts and it is not easy to find the one with the house number 56. 

Basic offer 

A guided tour of the vineyard, who will tell you how important the right conditions such as soil, topography or the number of hours of sunshine are for the grapevine. The vineyard grows grapevines that have adapted well to the Masovian climate, among them: Rondo, Muskat Odeskij, Siberia, Jutrzenka, Seyval Blanc, Bianka. Thanks to Mr Paweł’s extensive knowledge of wine production, you can learn about the properties of individual grape varieties and the flavors of wine that can be obtained from them. Vintage. If you dream of taking part in a real grape harvest, you do not have to go all the way to France. At the beginning of October, you can also take part in the Masovian grape harvest. 

Tasting of white and red wines produced by your Wieczorki is a perfect proposition of the theme for the team – building events or the idea of meeting us with friends.  

Each time it is necessary to arrange your arrival with the owner. 

The offer is available all year round. 

Seasonal offer from May to October (vineyard tour). Tasting possible all year round. 

Boarding options: 

After consulting with the host, refreshments with wine are possible to arrange. 

Accommodation options: 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to stay overnight in the vineyard. In the conversation, the host recommended befriending agritourism farms. 

Prices for example: 

Guided tour of the vineyard and tasting: PLN 30 -50 / person