The Jeziorka Valley, its characteristic landscape with a naturally meandering riverbed and strops of meadows, pastures, groves and riparian forests along it, is one of the most important elements of the Chojnów Landscape Park. The second is the Vistula embankment, and the whole is completed by sandy dune hills forming a ring south of Warsaw, on the left bank of the Vistula between Piaseczno and Konstancin – Jeziorna and Góra Kalwaria. Chojnowski Park together with the Masovian Landscape Park on the right bank and the Kampinos National Park north of the capitol create the green „lungs of Warsaw” and attract walkers, cyclists and picnic enthusiasts. And the Jeziorka Valley also includes canoeists. 

The Jeziorka canoe trail is easy and calm. In its upper reaches, the river flows in a shady ravine covered with greenery, through meadows, thickets and wetlands – areas where beavers, otters and many species of bird can be found. To Piaseczno Jeziorka is narrow and meanders strongly, trees fallen by beavers and weirs (portages), boughts, trunks and 


shoals hidden under the water appear in the current. The river is wild, different water levels quickly change its conditions. Before Piaseczno, it flows through the Natura 2000 Ponds in the Żabieniec area. In the last section, from Piaseczno to Konstancin – Jeziorna, it flows in a wide artificial riverbed, with residential buildings on both banks. 


Jeziorka is the left tributary of the Vistula (66km). It flows from the vicinity of the village of Dębiny Osuchowskie and flows into the Vistula near Konstancin – Jeziorna. A popular recreational place for the residents of Warsaw and the surrounding area. 

Where to start kayaking trips


Łoś – Piaseczno 

Piaseczno – Konstancin–Jeziorna, 

Zawodne – Łoś, 

Prażmów – Łoś, 

Gościeńczyce – Łoś 

Worth seeing during kayaking trips 

Konstancin – Jeziorna – suburban villa development, heath resort, graduation tower, Piaseczno – a late – Gothic church with baroque interior fittings, a classicist town hall. The possibility of a ride on the narrow-gauge railway. 

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