The Kurpiowska Primeval Forest, otherwise known as the Green Forest, has its own natural borders. The Pisa River in the east, the Orzyc River in the west and the Narew River in the south, into which another Kurpie River flows – the Omulew. The northern and southern border of Kurpie Zielone is two large forest complexes – Piska Forest and Biała Forest. The Kurpiowska

Primeval Forest owes its name to the Kurpie people inhabiting it, who had a strong cultural identity: vast forests effectively separated them from the people in the neighborhood, and they called themselves “puszczaki” – the “inhabitants of the forest” . Traces of former settlements can be found in picturesque villages. 

P: Rafting on the Omulew River, photo by Maciej Jóźwiak


The Mazowsze section of the Omulew River begins in Mącice, the river meanders strongly on vast meadows and pastures, you can see sandbanks and steep, washed-out banks. The kayaking trip is easy even for beginners, there are a few carry-overs to avoid logs or beaver barriers. In the Masovian section, the river is marked, and many campsites, marinas and parking places have been built (Michałowo, Długie, Brodowe Łąki, Oborczyska, Czarnotrzew, Przystań, Kruki and Ostrołęka). 

About the River 

The Omulew, the right – bank tributary of the Narew (127 km, including 76 km in Masovia), flows through the Masurian and Kurpiowska Plains; canoeists can go from Lake Omulew. The river flows into the Narew in Ostrołęka, is varied and attractive in terms of landscape, protected as a Natura 2000 area along its entire length. 

Where to start the rafting

One day: 

Michałowo – Długie 

Długie – Oborczyska 

Brodowe Łąki – Czarnotrzew, 

Przystań – Ostrołęka 

5 – day:

Michałowo – Długie – Brodowe Łąki – Oborczyska – Czarnotrzew – Przystań – Kruki – Ostrołęka 

Worth seeing during the rafting 

Kadzidło – one of the most important centers of folk art in Kurpie, Ostrołęka – a baroque post – Bernardine complex, soon the Museum of Coursed Soldiers will be established. 

Rafting Organizers: 


Euro – Wadąg www.kajaki.olsztyn.pl